Dishonest Diabetic Corner 951-847-7022 diabeticcorner.com dishonest seller you buy one item he ships you another. When you call him reguarding error he says too bad that's what I have.

He is dishonest. When asked if he'll refund or send correct item he states NO. Then when you persist for customer satisfaction Steven the owner hangs up. Dishonest seller buyer beware.

Steven is located in Corona California.

Do not buy Diabetic Supplies or medical supplies from Steven or Diabetic Corner. They do not even have a business address they use a po box #2408 Corona Ca 92879.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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I ordered a bottle of glucose control solution from them. The solution they sent expires in one month.

I called and left a message.

They never returned my call. Don't buy from them.


I won't be buying from this company! Thank you, reviewers, for your warnings.

Anchorage, Alaska, United States #1171774

Thank you! Just before confirming the order and giving credit card into, I decided to look for reviews. There were two - both negative to the nth degree!


Cheat people i lost 27 dollars cheat do not order any thing social media will know


I bought from him the 12 pack of Bayer Contour next 50 test strips and after using it for 1 month, I found one with blood on it inside one of the boxes.

to Lour Marietta, Georgia, United States #1141737

Did the seller replace the box? I'm thinking of buying the same thing but I have to wonder where he's getting his inventory now.

My concern with buying it in bulk (12-pack of 50) is what are the expiration dates. Was your expiration dates within a year?

6 months? 1 month?

Thank you for your time.


yeah I never got what I paid for. According to the USPS website, it never left California, I ordered strips on May 14 and never received them, called them and they told me to wait 2 days, I waited never got them called them to get my refund, never responded.

Left Negative Feedback was told I would not get my refund unless I take the negative review off I contacted Amazon and got my refund. Don't buy anything from this company


The seller has called and is suspose to ship the other half of my order. I do not want any negative effects to the company if they do perform. Could be a way for diabetics to save money.


Received one half of the order. Only a recording answers the phone.

I guess I have been ripped.

Amazon is the real culprit. They should not allow companies to continue on their site knowing they are dishonest.

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